An alienated world! Realize a warm society with assets of natural resources

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Mineral Resource

Minerals are substances that have a certain chemical composition and physical properties and are made of crystalline materials. A group of rocks that are rich in useful elements or minerals is called an ore, and it is called a mineral resource when it is possible to mine the ore and it has economic value. The characteristics of mineral resources are scarcity and ubiquity. For minerals to have economic value, they must concentrate on the mineral deposits above a certain rate and also involve mining and smelting techniques. The development and exploitation of mineral resources began with the origins of mankind. In the Stone Age, stoneware was used for daily life, and it can be said that it was the beginning of the mining industry.
The minerals produced as underground resources are divided into metallic minerals and non – metallic minerals.

Forest Resources

What are forest resources? Resources, necessary materials, and fuels for our daily life are obtained due to the existence of forests, and it helps with natural purification.

Marine Resources

Marine resources refer to all the resources that are generated in the ocean and are present in the ocean, such as seabed geological mineral resources, marine biological resources and marine physical resources, and ocean chemical resources. Submarine geological mineral resources are developed and extracted from the surface layer of the seabed. As resources that have economic value both now and in the future, there are energy resources such as petroleum and gas, as well as mineral resources, that develop on the surface of the sea floor. Marine chemical resources are the constituents of seawater as well as various chemical components. Not only fresh water but also salt, magnesium, and lots of components are extracted from the seawater. Oceanic physical resources can be used as energy resources, such as algae force, wave force, current force, and temperature difference, all of which are dynamic forces due to the physical action of seawater.

Renewable Energy Resources

Energy resources are basic resources for obtaining heat and light, which are essential in human life. Energy resources are largely divided into muscle energy resources using labor and reverse axes; natural energy resources using hydro, tidal, wind and solar heat, geothermal, etc.; chemical energy resources using coal, oil, and gas; and fusion energy resources such as nuclear power. The use of hydropower in natural energy resources can be found mostly in the use of waterfalls, which is estimated to be around the 5th and 6th centuries.


An alienated world! Realize a warm society with assets of natural resources

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